Stoneforge Mystic and the choice of equipment - A situational choice

As a Legacy player you have many choices what cards you want to play.
As I mentioned in my Forum Recap #1 I play 3 equipments in my Esper Deathblade.
Sword of Fire and IceSword of Feast and Famineand Batterskull
Sword of Fire and Ice is often called the best of the cycle and it's great, no question, but the answer to the question 'which equipment do I search with my Stoneforge Mystic?' is always situational.
What cards do I have in my hand?What cards are on the battlefield?How many cards have I and my opponent in hands?What deck plays my opponent? After  asking yourself this question you can fetch the best one for this situation.

Batterskull: When do I search for Batterskull ?
It's not  that hard.
Do I have other creatures in my hand ? Are they good in hitting with equipment like Sword of Fire and Ice or Jitte?
Especially True-Name Nemesis is your attacker with equipment. A Stoneforge Mystic or a Deathrite Shaman can do this job too, of course, but they can be blocked …

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